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The passing of a loved one, friend or family member is unbearable for many. What to say, what to do next or how help the survivors is confusing. Maybe you are the one suffering the loss and don't know where to turn for help and encouragement. I have been on both sides of the grief process, losing immediate family members, including both parents, a sister and two children. I bring a unique perspective to death and how to move through grief all while keeping audiences engaged and yearning for more.

About Peggy

After the loss of her second child, Peggy was inspired to make an impact and help other grieving moms navigate their child loss journey. She is a true example of what is possible after child loss. She took her tragedy and wrote Life After Child Loss: The Mothers, Survival Guide to Cope and Find Joy. She started sharing her message of hope and her Grief Survival Program to raving reviews. She lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado close to her two grown girls and grandchildren. Peggy has made close to 100 blood donations – just because it is the right thing to do.

Speaking Topics

  • How to Live After Child LossMy Life: How 8 Simples Steps Taught Me to 

  • 3 Ways to Face Health Challenges in Grief

  • Grief in the Workplace: How to Help an Employee Return to Work and Thrive

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Peggy’s webinars are educational, inspiring and informative. She brings insights from 12 years as a personal trainer, 5 years as a well coach and 30 years as a grieving mother to help other grieving moms by  sharing practical tips and practices from her Grief Survival Program. Guests walk away with tools for coping with emotions, practicing self-care and compassion. Peggy is the example of possibilities of life after child loss.

Podcasts/Interviews/Facebook Lives

Peggy shares how she has survived the loss of not only one child but two. In her heart felt conversations she demonstrates that learning and applying  her practical steps from her Grief Survival  helps grieving moms to  cope and find joy. She brings her message of hope and possibilities while her story is one of inspiration of overcoming life’s challenges.

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"The podcast with Alyssa Sulli from Reinventing You - interviewing Peggy Green, Thee Grief Specialist - was beautiful and very well done. Peggy shares her heart and authenticity. She offers some great insights on grief and her words of advice on how to connect with others that have experienced loss is priceless. This is a message that anyone grieving needs to hear. Peggy was so brave in sharing her message and personal journey. I will save it and give to others in need."

~ Jennifer Myers

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