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Let’s talk grief

Covid 19 has increased awareness about death and dying. More people are talking about it, realizing they are not invincible, and the possibility of dying is 100% - no matter what it is caused by.

In our current health environment, friends and family are experiencing the loss of loved ones; young, old, and in between. Traditional rites of passage have been stripped from our culture. We miss the opportunity to say last good-byes, reconcile relationships or tell them one more time how much they are loved. Those left behind grapple with guilt, grief, and a host of other emotions.

The loss of a child is unique and said to be the worst of all losses. To have a child pass before a parent is not the order of life. Children are supposed to outlive their parents. That is what shocks us: the order of life is now scrambled, and nobody wants to talk about it.

It stinks to be a member of the child loss club. I have lost not just one child, but two and understand how difficult it is to cope and move through loss. I also know that it can be done, one can find joy and be happy.

My book, Life After Child Loss: The Mother’s Survival Guide to Cope and Find Joy is available on Amazon. You personally may or may not have experienced child loss, however through six-degrees of separation (or less), you know someone who would benefit by reading it. Click here for the Kindle version. If you prefer, shoot me a quick email and I will directly send you a downloadable PDF.

Please share. Do not keep it a secret. I am convinced there is someone you know that needs this.


Peggy Green is a has experienced the grief of losing many loved ones including two of her children. Walking through grief caused her to seek out ways to heal her own grief and then share the steps she continues to take. Her mission is to bring hope to mothers who are grieving the loss of a child and support to those who feel they can't find hope for the future.

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