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Help in Your Times of Loss

Your grief is like a caterpillar.

In the darkness that surrounds you,

you do not know how you will survive.

You take steps everyday making

small breakthroughs in your healing.

One day, much to your surprise,

you look in the mirror and realize,

because of your grief,

you are transformed into a beautiful butterfly with a

newfound appreciation for life.

If you are ready to understand your grief, schedule an appointment with me today.


Peggy Green is a has experienced the grief of losing many loved ones including two of her children. Walking through grief caused her to seek out ways to heal her own grief and then share those steps with others. Her mission is to bring hope to mothers who are grieving the loss of a child and support to those who feel they can't find hope for the future.

You can connect with Peggy on her social platforms:

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