Meet Peggy

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You suffered a loss, the loss of a child. It is a terrible place to be. I am so sorry that you are here. I am sorry that you are going through this. Your child may have recently passed away or it may have been years ago. The loss of a child is as deep as it gets. Grief is deep and aching when they are no longer with us. You may feel there is no consolation, not even believing that you will see them again removes the pain that your child is gone. I understand. I have been through all of this and more.

You will never get over your loss. You move through it.

In the past, resources to help with child loss have been limited. In my first loss in 1991, my only support came from my mother and sister. My second loss in 2018 was much different. In the time span of 27 years, I acquired many resources and tools that equipped me much better than the first time and navigate my loss. They were things I wish I knew the first time. I knew that others could learn from my experience. No one should have to walk this path alone.

This is why I decided to share my own journey as a loss traveler and equip others with the tools to help move through the loss of your child and guide you toward being happy again.

My Journey

You have at least one person to live a full life for.

That person is you.

Do you feel there is no tomorrow? Not sure if you will make it through your loss? I know how you feel. After my son died, I decided to start journaling and posting my thoughts on Facebook. When I looked back at my journey, I saw the progress from deep despair to glimmers of hope and joy. Here is my first 365 days, unedited, real and raw.

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Coaching & Personal Support

The grief you are experiencing is

unimaginable. This is all new to you and you don’t know what to do next. I understand having been through it, twice. I wish I knew then what I know now. You don’t have to be the one to figure it all out. I’ve done that for you. In my  8-week coaching program I bring to you the tools and resources to help you make it through your loss. Let’s talk and decide what your next steps are. Register and receive a free copy of "10 Journaling Prompts to Get You Started in Your Grief Journey”.

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Life After Child Loss: A Mother's Guide to Survival

Losing a child is said to be the hardest of all pain. You lose a part of yourself and sometimes it feels as if you'll never really be happy again. I have walked this path before. The grief can be so strong that it keeps you from living your life.  Moving on is one of those unbearable things you know you need to do but you wonder if you can. There is hope. It is possible to move through your grief. You can soften the heartache, establish a new norm, and be alive and present again for your family. Life After Child Loss; The Mother’s Survival Guide to Cope and Find Joy is an Amazon best seller.